5 Best Free Data Recovery Tools in 2020

Data loss is a serious issue faced by us in these days. The best way to recover from unexpected data loss is to be prepared with some powerful data recovery tools.

One of the best method to defend data loss is taking a real time backup and moving to a separate storage. But still you may encounter with some serious data loss. So an emergency data recovery tool can come to the rescue.

Of course, some free data recovery tools can become handy and powerful enough to retrieve your accidentally deleted data. It’s not necessary to have a paid recovery tool to recover from a usual deletion or a mild corruption of your storage. Some free tools can also do the magic.

So here we are introducing 5 best free data recovery tools that you can use in 2019. Let’s check it out one by one.

#1. Recuva (Windows)

Recuva is a simple and handy tool to recover your files. You can get your file either by using the file recovery wizard or the manual mode. The file recovery wizard have so many features to make your task a lot more easier. It lets you to narrow down your files by images, videos, documents, zip files, etc. Also, you can set any location to search for in the computer or removable disk. The tools have some indicators like green, yellow and red to show you the probability of the recovery. It also show you the preview of the deleted images so that you can recover only the files that you need.

#2. TestDisk (Windows/Linux/Mac)

TestDisk is one of the most powerful open source tools available for data recovery. Apart from the basic data recovery option, the tool comes with a lot more additional function to make your task easy. It can even find deleted partitions, corrupted partitions and other troublesome things very easily. The important thing is that the tools has no graphical user interface, but a command line tool. But the menu and documentation will help you use it without any hassles.

#3. Restoration (Windows)

Restoration is a simple and portable data recovery tool for windows. Though it lacks some advanced feature of the others, its powerful for the basic data recovery functions. It have the features of file sorting based on file size, type and also have the searching option with it. Another good thing about the tool is that it is having a less size.

#4. Undelete Plus (Windows)

This freeware can work on any version of Windows and is having powerful feature as it rivals have. Like Recuva, Undelete plus also comes with the recovery probability feature that let you know about the chances of getting your file back without any corruption. It also allow you to sort your files by size, type, time etc to make sure that you are not going though all the deleted files that included corrupted files. Also you can perform recovery of folders that keeps the structures intact.

#5. PhotoRec (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Like the TestDisc PhotoRec is also a command line data recovery tool that has no GUI. You have to work with the command line codes to get your data. You can surely use this tool if you doesn’t need a deep disk data recovery.¬†This recovery tool won’t mess with your partitions or help you rebuild your master boot record; it will, however, dive into your disks in a safe, read-only mode and ignore partitions and file systems in an effort to seek out your missing files.

So, now you have the list of some great free data recovery tools to select from.

Which one is your favorite? and why ? Let your mind speak via the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to mention any other tools that you think more powerful than those listed here. Help your fellow readers to get back their valuable data for free..

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